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The Health Benefits of Vegetable Juicing


12 Benefits of Fresh Vegetable Juicing

Green Juice1

  1. Bio-availability or enhanced absorption and digestibility
  2. Bio-photons or life force (the plant captures the essence of the sun and passes that charge on to you (the opposite of dead food)
  3. Increased overall consumption of vegetables – the American Cancer Association recommends 5-9 servings per day
  4. Enzymes – work horses that speed up biochemical reactions in the body
  5. Phytochemicals  – anti-inflammatory compounds
  6. Antioxidants – confers many health benefits (the colors of vegetables)
  7.  Vitamins – good source of essential nutrients
  8. Minerals – essential nutrients
  9. Alkalinity – dis-ease grows in an acidic body.  Alkalize for better health
  10. Clear skin and increased energy
  11. Healthy Snack
  12. High water content (organic) and low in calories

In a study noted in the J of Nutrition, 2010 [a randomized controlled trial] comparing the results of 3 groups of participants drinking 8 ounces of  vegetable to those consuming 16 ounces as compared to those who consumed no juice. It was found that juice consumption increased the overall intake of vegetables per day. Additionally, blood pressure at the end of the 12-week trial was lowered in pre-hypertensive patients. Participants also were given education on the DASH eating plan.

Note: organic, raw, non-GMO and freshly prepared vegetable juice is best.  Additionally, for best results it should be consumed immediately after preparing.



By Gwendolyn Moore, MPH, RDN, CLT
Registered Dietitian-Integrative Nutritionist & Live Food Chef

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