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Diabetic Insights: Tips for Dining Out




Gwendolyn Moore, MPH, RDN  May 2, 2016

  Although it’s best to prepare your own food where you can limit the sugar, trans fat & table salt.  The facts are that most individuals–on average– eat out 5 times per week.

Thus, here are a few tips to up the ante on options for making better food choices.  For starters, consider ordering your meal ahead of time online.  Choose thoughtfully and stick to your goal, further:

Healthy Tips

  • Ask for a to-go box
  • Drink a full glass of water prior to your meal w/lemon
  • Ditch the sweetened beverages & bread basket. Try ORGANIC herbal teas instead (use Stevia) not artificial sweeteners
  • Check your blood glucose [BG] before your meal and 2 hours after eating
  • Goal range:  and 80-130 mg/dL prior to the first bite and <180 mg/dL 2 hrs. post  or after the first bite.  Skip the dessert or split it w/ a friend (no more than1 x week).
  • Ask for dressing on the side
  • Choose extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar
  • Ditch the sauces (often w/ hidden sugars)
  • Choose protein (organic grass- fed meat/wild caught fish/ poultry or beans & brown rice w/avocado and colorful salads).

While You’re At It

Keep the carbs (starches, grains, sugars to 50 grams per meal.  Best to ditch the sugar altogether.  Choose complex (those w/higher fiber) vs. simple carbs (refined and processed like boxed cereal and crackers).

Please note that the higher the grams of fiber the better:

3g or more per serving = a good source or at 10% of the daily value

5g or more per serving = an excellent source of fiber.

Goal 25 – 40 grams fiber/day.

Consider: large colorful salads, 2 servings of protein per day, healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and olives, hemp & chia seeds. Dodge GMO’s, eat organic, fresh whole foods.

Healthy Restaurants

While these suggestions are in the greater Los Angeles area. A quick google search should turn up some of the restaurants in your area:

True Foods – great tasty choices that are mostly organic – Newport Beach

•Loving Hut Green Cuisine – Vegetarian Faire – Claremont

•The Spot – veggie smoothies, etc. – Claremont

•Le Pain Quotidien – Claremont

•The Press Restaurant – Veggie burritos, etc. – Claremont

•Au Lac Raw Food Restaurant – Fountain Valley

•True Seasons Organic Restaurant – Anaheim

• Cafe Gratitude – organic/vegan – L.A (Larchmont) Venice, Downtown L.A.

~Enjoy–feel free to post your favorite healthy restaurant in the comments section and don’t forget to share.


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