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The Health Benefits of Vegetable Juicing

12 Benefits of Fresh Vegetable Juicing Bio-availability or enhanced absorption and digestibility Bio-photons or life force (the plant captures the essence of the sun and passes that charge on to you (the opposite of dead food) Increased overall consumption of vegetables – the American Cancer Association recommends 5-9 servings per day Enzymes – work horses that speed […]

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Diabetic Insights: Tips for Dining Out

  Gwendolyn Moore, MPH, RDN  May 2, 2016   Although it’s best to prepare your own food where you can limit the sugar, trans fat & table salt.  The facts are that most individuals–on average– eat out 5 times per week. Thus, here are a few tips to up the ante on options for making better […]

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3 Reasons to Eat Organic

1. More nutrient dense 2.  Avoid GMO’s (viruses from foreign species embedded into the DNA of another species w/the intent of transplanting the foreign DNA into the other species 3.  Limit exposure to herbicides, pesticides & fungicides.  According the the EWG a single grape was found to have up to 15 pesticides on it Lastly, check […]

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